Personal Training

We're Thrilled You're Thinking About
Starting Your Fitness Journey with Us!

All our Personal Training programs are personalized to your specific goals and needs because no two bodies are the same so your program should be unique to you. Our 1 on 1 approach is to ensure you get the accountability and attention you deserve to help you see the best results and to make sure you are working out safely and effectively.

We specialize in:​

Weight Loss

Lean Muscle Mass Building

Functional Training

Mobility / Corrective Exercises

We will get you there

Your needs, interests and goals are the most important part of your training program. So, whether its weight loss, toning, muscles building or just getting and staying fit. Let us know where you want to be and we will get you there.


Daily, weekly, and monthly goals will keep you accountable and give you milestones to work toward. We will use them to both define your training approach and track your progress.

No guess work

Our Coaches will develop a personalized training program that fits your lifestyle, body type and budget. It will be built with science and delivered with passion.


Working out one-on-one with your trainer will ensure a safe and smart exercise program that will progress you step-by-step as a beginner, move you beyond a stubborn plateau, break you out of a fitness rut or simply re-energize your workout. We provide a non-intimidating environment, helping you achieve real results, and making sure that you are successful in reaching and maintaining your goals.

Prices starts from €37.50


Do you and a friend share similar fitness goals? By teaming up with a friend, you will save money and have a great workout partner. And having another person holding you accountable. A partner is required and both individuals must sign up at the same time.

Prices starts from €41